Company Profile

PEF Capital Pty Ltd is a boutique fund manager that invests wholesale clients funds in the Australian market.

Founded by Stephen Arulogun in 2017, PEF Capital springboards off Stephen’s training and previous success as a research analyst and trader for a proprietary trading group.

After achieving a return of 32% net of fees over 14 months within his previous venture, Stephen decided it was time to launch PEF Capital Ltd Pty and open it to Australian clients seeking higher risk adjusted returns.

The goal of the fund is to achieve high absolute returns with return deviations comparable to the ASX200 for clients over a period of 5-7 years.

As a family man, investing is about more than just the money to Stephen. Consistent success gives him the opportunity to do something worth more than money, like spending time with his family or volunteering in his community.

If you would also like this opportunity then get in contact with PEF Capital today.