Company Profile

PEF Capital is a Brisbane-based investment fund manager focussed on achieving absolute returns for investors in the Australian equities market.

PEF Capital is backed by a team of experienced and trusted professional individuals and firms. It is a member of the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) which represents over 1,900 member firms in over 60 countries.

Investors in PEF Capital’s funds enjoy strong returns with diversified risk. The PEF Capital Fund No. 1 (closed) achieved a return of 30% net of fees in 2017, and more than 42% from inception to April 2018.

In addition to generating strong returns for its investors, PEF Capital actively educates its investors on emerging investment themes and actively contributes to regulatory reform in the Australian financial industry through regular dialogue with ASIC and submissions to regulatory consultations.

PEF Capital has currently opened the PEF Long Short Equities Derivative Fund which aims to provide consistent positive returns with better risk diversification to:

  1. current Exchange Traded Funds or retail equities managed funds
  2. quantitative and algorithmic funds