What drives us to perform at the highest standard day to day?

Our philosophy

We believe in fundamentally reconceptualising what underpins a modern investment and management consultancy - putting founders and corporate talent back in the driver's seat. To the organisations we work with, we are a partner, not a service provider.

Our erudition

Our erudition is the cornerstone of our methodology. PEF Capital relies on the diverse intellectual commitments of its small team to handle multidimensional information and reconcile the contradictions in the service of extracting discrete, logical alignments from disparate claims.

Our focus

Our approach is to invest our resources and time with lionhearted conviction, based on evidence, and supported by our faith in our analysis. While others wait for confirmation only to miss the largest opportunities, we believe the strength of our performance proves the substance behind our faith.

Our core principles

  • We invest in the relationships we have with our professional service providers.
  • We take our clients seriously. We pitch for our clients' work, not the other way around.
  • We tell our clients the truth about their organisation or business, not what they want to hear.
  • We advise and provide services for our clients with a relentless persistence to see them succeed.
  • We take a long view of our relationships with clients, not a transactional view.
Our core principles

Why choose our

Our management consulting clients consistently tell us that we surpass their expectations. How do we do this? We set objective deliverables, pass on our operating efficiencies to reduce our clients’ costs significantly, demonstrate our competence and capabilities from the very first conversation, and keep our clients informed throughout the whole process.

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