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Corporate Advisory Services

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By partnering with PEF Capital, you are investing in your success. PEF Capital prides itself in providing corporate (operational, investment and governance) advice to both early stage and mature businesses and corporations using a win:win model — your success is our success.

WHAT WE CAN HELP YOU ACHIEVE: Governance & Compliance, Financial Analysis & Reporting, Investment Analysis, Capital Raising & Financing

Corporate Advisory Services

Simple Agreement for Future Equity - Administration Services

A Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) is a new & innovative instrument enabling you to do business in exchange for equity.

Establish SAFE register

We ensure your SAFE investment is structured properly and recorded on our register. We negotiate the terms of your SAFEs whether you’re in investor or investee company.

Monitor corporate actions

Monitor corporate actions, changes in corporate direction, progress of business development, & further investment opportunities.

Liquidity events & exits

Confidently manage your rights under a SAFE. Whether you’re an investor or investee company, we navigate liquidity events and seek the best outcome for you throughout the execution phase.

Administration Services