Listed Securities Investments

Listed Securities Investments

Financial markets are the cornerstone of the financial system, which provides a critical link to the trade and commerce that forms our national economy. In 2016-17, $52 billion of new capital was raised bringing the value of listed Australian shares to over $1.75 trillion. Over that period, investors traded more than 100 million options with a notional value of over $800 billion on the ASX.

For investors used to investing in Australian equity through a traditional managed fund, we provide unique investment opportunities with high profit potential suited to the current environment of global financial uncertainty. Traditional risks like market volatility and unpredictability form part of our investment strategies.

PEF Equities Derivative Fund

Investing in 55 ASX200 companies through long & short option positions. Fundamental value-based investment philosophy

PEF ASX200 Geared ETF Fund

Investing in Australia’s 200 biggest listed companies using a gear strategy to accelerate investors’ capital growth.

PEF Global Macro Fund

Global multi-asset investment strategy for investors seeking international exposure through a diverse portfolio.