The PEF Long Short Equities Derivative Fund is currently open for new investment. Investors have the opportunity to earn up to 36% to 48% (before fees) in this small-scale fund which invests only in Australia. Further information is available on PEF Capital’s investment page.


New investors successfully applying before Friday, 15 June 2018 will receive a cash bonus of $1,000 (conditions apply) boosting their investment by up to 1% p.a. this year! Go to the above link to begin your application today.

Interested in investing with PEF Capital but currently have your capital allocated to other investments? Speak to your financial adviser about freeing up some of your equity using a margin lending facility.

PEF Capital has partnered with Leveraged Equities (LE) a leading organisation to provide access to their margin lending programs. A Margin Loan allows you to borrow, in addition to your own capital, to invest in shares and managed funds. You can leverage an existing portfolio or create a new portfolio to increase your investment opportunities more than if you were solely using your own capital.

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