“We draw upon the power of our multidisciplinary knowledge framework to decode the idiosyncrasies of financial markets. We match the impressions and ambiguities identified across a broad spectrum of economic, social and environment fields with the emerging insights of contemporary Big Data analytics, and leading mega-trend research. ”

Our Philosophy

“Our erudition is the cornerstone of our methodology. Unlike other funds whose portfolio risks are often threatened by the career risk of its investment managers, PEF Capital’s fund relies on the diverse intellectual commitments of its small team to handle multidimensional information and reconcile the contradictions in the service of extracting discrete, logical alignments from disparate claims. ”

Our Erudition

“Our approach is to invest with lionhearted conviction, based on evidence, and supported by our faith in our analysis. While others wait for confirmation only to miss the largest opportunities, we believe the strength of our performance proves the substance behind our faith.”

Our Faith

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