Management Consulting with guaranteed service

Our private and public sector clients come from a range of industries. They understand their core offering. We understand how to add value to their business. How can we guarantee value? Our consultants have industry-leading experience in relevant management professions (law, accounting, information technology). We have proven competencies in our practice areas (commercial and litigation, strategic and compliance accounting, technology implementation, government regulation and policy development, human resources, governance compliance and management committees).

We provide management consulting services to clients from the whole spectrum of industries. They range in size from sole traders and small partnerships to institutions and enterprises.

We deliver policy development; public sector policy and evaluation capabilities; and organisational structure reviews to local government and state government agencies. We create synergies for our clients by applying our range of best-practice frameworks and analytical, methodical review processes to their projects or businesses to ensure that they present a strong business cases for retention and investment.

For clients struggling to meet milestones and performance expectations, we provide C-Level Operations Management as an in-sourced service reporting to the board and C-Suite. Our C-Level Operations Management service is tailored to fit our clients’ needs: from supervisory and high-level to interventional and audit-like.

Surpassing the expectations of clients

Our management consulting clients consistently tell us that we surpass their expectations. How do we do this? We set objective deliverables, pass on our operating efficiencies to reduce our clients’ costs significantly, demonstrate our competence and capabilities from the very first conversation, and keep our clients informed throughout the whole process.

We partner with our clients by looking for ways to deliver operational needs (governance, accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, and others), and strategic opportunities (transaction advisory, product development and technology implementation, and others) on scrip or success fees bases.

Introduction to our specialties

For general information, visit ‘What is Management Consulting?’ Our focus is on working with clients on a number of key specialty areas.

To learn how we provide business management consulting services to clients, visit 'Our Approach'.


We consult in these areas:

  • Litigation Consulting: involving commercial undertakings, property leases and sales, company structure and corporate ownership, construction and building disputes.
  • People & Change: Human Resource functions including confidential recruitment, employment policies, organisational structure, performance management, redundancy and terminations, and employment contracts.
  • Strategic Business Planning:Strategic Plans and business action plans, business positioning and branding, market research, strategic partnerships, growth and scaling infrastructure, goal setting and accountability sessions.
  • Workflow consulting: including workflow review & process improvements and review of operations, cost reduction, utilising production controls, productivity and incentive schemes, implementation of and training on systems automation, innovation and technology for improving operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Strategic Accounting: involves CFO functions like developing and implementing budgetary control systems, profit planning or capital and revenue budgeting, reviewing expense schedules and cost centres.
  • Technology Design: including development of technology architecture and technology  infrastructure, online presence through website design and search engine optimisation, complex software programming, eCommerce and marketplace platforms, and computer applications programming.

We do not provide:

  • Sales Consulting: Focuses on all levels of marketing (including social media, outbound and inbound marketing) and various sales (including deal closing techniques) for the improvement of sales ROI (Return on Investment), and gaining market share from the competition.
  • Public Relations Consulting: Deals specifically with PR matters external to a client organisation and often involves engagements on a semi-permanent basis by larger organisations to provide input and guidance, often on sensitive or controversial issues facing the organisation.
  • Engineering Consulting: Engineering-related services in a variety of fields (such as mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical or electronic, aerospace, etc). These services include design and execution of specifications, and operation, maintenance and repair of plant and equipment.
  • Environmental Management Consulting: Urban area and regional development planning, international economic research, cost benefit and social analysis studies, physical, economic, ecological and sociological studies for sustainable ecological and environmental planning.



Analytical horsepower

Delivering the correct advice requires an understanding about your specific organisation, not just your industry. Our problem identification stage includes developing a detailed analysis of your organisation and its management.

Best practice advice

We advise the organisation's management team using our frameworks adapted to your needs. Our approach focusses on current best practice methods and standards. 

Lifelong partnerships

We operate on an efficient model meaning we charge clients significantly less than 'top-tier' consultancies. We believe in lifelong partnerships and offer clients the option to exchange equity for services.


Helping private enterprises & public sector agencies continually improve & meet their goals.

Deal execution, from planning to delivery, with expertise to guide you through the deal process.

Providing a range of professional services to keep you focussed on your core business.