How we can help?

Our focus is on helping you support your staff as they transition through the different stages of change, with the goal that they adopt new procedures in line with your evolving business objectives.


We assist your internal human resource function through personnel recruitment and compatibility profiling to really help you understand your team and how best to lead them.

Employer support is provided to ensure these staff members adopt learning strategies for self improvement and organisational perspectives that align with existing the business requirements.

Your internal human resource function can draw on our guidance through more challenging tasks such as performance management of under-performing staff members.

Change, employment & recruitment

A supportive and nurturing change management program is essential for successful transitions and realignments on an organisational level. To be successful, organisations need to understand how their individuals process change.

We work with employers on following tasks:

  • confidential recruitment
  • performance management of underperforming staff members
  • organisational structure planning and changes
  • conflict resolution in workplace settings
  • personnel contract negotiations

We do not advise employees or represent parties in industrial action matters.



Internal HR support.

Support systems for internal Human Resource functions.

Performance management

If you have been selected for a business audit, here is what you need to know.


Organisational restructuring including realignment of business groups, candidate selection and redundancies.


Positive relationships

We work with clients to create positive relationships between management and employees by opening the lines of communication. The result is an increase in personnel morale and productivity.


When source clients for a sensitive project or new venture, it is essential that you get a big pool of eligible candidates without your information being disseminated through the process. We protect clients' identities when required.

Increased profitability, on time

Through the change process, we help clients achieve effective results: more than 70% of projects delivered on time; more than 80% of projects delivered under budget.

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