Commercial resilience

Commercial disputes can drain resources and emotional reserves. There are no guaranteed outcomes. We help client organisations or individuals who are subjected to complex situations which may increase the potential for financial or reputational risk.

Whether you are facing professional or regulatory scrutiny, complex litigation or organisational corruption, our professionals can help give the direction you need to navigate adversity, protect value and return to normal operations.

Litigation consulting complements traditional legal services. It covers a range of touch points through the dispute cycle, including negotiation and mediation, settlements and compromises, taxation, communications, and valuations and schedules preparation. We facilitate the complete suite of professional litigation functions, or complement your team of professional advisers in a support role.

How we can help?

Contract disputes: contract reviews, letters of demand, debt recovery, breach and termination  notices.

Business support: business valuations, shareholding and superannuation valuations, preparing asset and liability schedules, bankruptcy proceedings, tracing transactions;

Tenancy & property disputes: leasing disputes for landlords and tenants, QCAT tenancy disputes applications and responses, sale and purchase of property;

Fraud risk management and Investigation: fraud, theft of assets and cash, employee misconduct;

IT Forensics: accounts payable analysis, payroll fraud, duplicate payments and EFT manipulation.




Tenancy & property disputes

Negotiations and formal dispute resolution of property and premises lease and sale disputes for commercial and retail leases and sales.

Business support

Business valuations, asset and liability schedules, reputation management and business continuity planning.

Contractual disputes

Early intervention of contractual disputes including contract reviews, letters of demand, breach and termination notices, and debt recovery.


Commercial perspective

Disputes are costly and resolution process should focus on the commercial outcomes. These may take the private negotiations and mediations, or formal proceedings. 

Objective resilience

We persist until we achieve the best outcome possible. Our resilience ensures you best places to get the outcomes you deserve. 

Constant support

We provide regular communication and updates on the progress of your matter and maintain open lines of communication so you can make the most inform decisions possible. 

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