Crafting creative ideas into beautiful products

Our product design service is delivered through Involve Design, a highly qualified professional design consultancy delivering world-class Industrial Design with substance.

Involve Design

Involve Design develops products that work - ready for manufacture. And they do not quit until our clients are 100% satisfied. Involve Design works with all sorts of folk: inventors and entrepreneurs; small and large companies needing real Industrial Design.

The development process is rock solid and takes the Product from pure 2D concept design to physical working prototypes, branding and finally production ready data with manufacturing options.


Principal Designer

Gareth Schroder is the Principal Designer at Involve Design, founding the business over 11 years ago. Gareth builds on his previous experience as Studio Manager of Pulse Solutions, a Design and Manufacturing company based in Archerfield Brisbane that worked in point of sale displays and consumer product development. 

The latest design completed by Gareth is the DELTER COFFEE PRESS, the first coffee maker designed from the ground up to solve one of the biggest brewing challenges - uncontrolled agitation. The result? A more delicious coffee every morning, with less bitterness, and more clarity.



From 'go', we dig deep into the need and human connection of your product. We use both sketching and concept CAD to create a product identity that can deliver rich usability experiences that not only hit every brief objective, but enhance the joy of interacting with your product.


You know that hot final concept from our Design stage? It gets better and it gets engineered. We refine, refine, refine until each part and it's assembly relationship is perfectly resolved. We continue to improve aesthetics, build in ergonomics and resolve key dimensions and usability features.


We specify the right Prototyping methods to suit your product, whether it is printing, machining, casting and fabrication or a combination of techniques. We have a reliable team based in Australia and China to turn around high-end samples quickly and cost-effectively.