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Fractal Ventures is an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership specialising in bring startups to market. With a pedigree in marketing, founds week out Fractal Ventures to bring their vision to market. PEF Capital has been appointed a General Partner of the Fractal Ventures ESVCLP.

Our investors share our passion for supporting and scaling new and exciting venture capital business opportunities whilst receiving generous tax concessions under the ESVCLP programme administered by Innovation and Science Australia.

We invest in founders and business with a proven track record, early in the growth phase where there’s significant opportunity for scaling.

Fractal Ventures is a new collaboration between the founders of PEF Capital, Little Tokyo Two and Fractal:

As such, the founding team draws on years of startup experience, mentoring, consulting and advice.

Information Memorandum 

Fractal Ventures LP

Target return & horizon

14% p.a. (exc. tax benefits),

7 years

Eligible Investors

This investment is only open to sophisticated/wholesale investors.

Little Tokyo Two

LT2 Startup success portfolio

The home of growing successful companies.

LT2 is a membership-based community of incredible people who have built their dream business. We offer collaborative workspaces, advisors, business development and a talent pool to continue your growth.

| Our goal: your growth.

Over 600 businesses have launched, 70 businesses have grown past teams of 10, and 2 IPOs have joined the mix. Our success rate is 164% higher than Australia's average.

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Mizzie The Kangaroo

24 December, 2018


Fractal success portfolio

"We are surrounded by great ideas, amazing products and inspiring solutions. However, we still find company cultures where the status quo is defended, innovation is resisted and efficient solutions fail to gain traction.

| Fractal's mission is to help the innovators, creators and dreamers find their market, to realise their ambitions and fulfil their potential.

It is rare to find a startup that doesn’t have a unique business proposition. It is unfortunately common to find startups that fail to position their business in the correct light, and to the appropriate audience.

That’s where Fractal comes in."

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